Wednesday, July 30, 2014

water slide fun.

: ::05.22.14:: :7885-rThe first day in May that felt like a hot summer day to the kids, they begged for a water slide in the back yard.

I don’t blame them. We had a winter/spring that seemed to last forever, so I appreciated their zest for wanting to make the most of our warm weather.7887-r 7894-rI enjoy listening to their squeals of happiness, their giggles of joy…signs that our kids are happy and are playing well together. Toby is napping in the shaded grassy area. The birds are chirping, because they too are enjoying the beautiful afternoon! It is a pleasant scene and I am so taking it all in.

And then a moment later someone is screaming bloody murder because their brother/sister did something to them they didn’t like. Depending on the severity of the crime, I will either step in and address the offense, or pretend like I didn’t see anything and in return the three of them typically work it out. The tides of frustration have subsided and the birds are chirping again.7873-rJack is notorious for finding it so, so funny when he soaks other people, but when he gets soaked he screams in frustration and is all colors of mad. 

7876-r 7914-r Popsicles…a refreshing, ice cold treat perfect for a warm day.

7921-rWater slide fun…so much fun for all of us!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

a great celebration.

: ::05.19.14:: :7826-rPaul’s birthday…a great day to celebrate the life of this fantastic man. That battery charger in the photo above…it has certainly come in handy a couple of times already since May.

7813-r Paul and his lil’ fishing buddy. Andrew could fish for hours, and hours…and so could Paul. They make a good pair.

7863-rIn lue of a birthday cake, Paul has always wanted pie on his day of celebration. Dutch Apple Pie has been the leading favorite for years. Marie Callander’s Dutch Apple Pie. Because I enjoy all things homemade, I once “slaved away in the kitchen” making Paul a Dutch apple pie from scratch.

He liked Marie Callander’s better! Oh, the travesty.

In this case, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Happy Birthday to a great man. A devoted, fun-loving father who leads his children by example. The same children who were so excited to celebrate their dad’s birthday...but still question why dad would want to have pie on his birthday!

Monday, July 28, 2014


: ::05.17.14:: :7783-r Andrew’s soccer practices and games continued through the month of May. Which meant that my camera kept clicking photos of Andrew doing something he really enjoys to do.

7784-r Andrew’s look of determination and focus.

7796-r 7800-r 7805-rAndrew is constantly in motion when he is on the soccer field. Offense to defense, and back again…he rarely slows down.

Gosh I wish I had that energy!!