Friday, July 25, 2014



“Buttons!!!” Kate will excitedly say as she forces herself onto your lap and begins to un-button the buttons on your shirt.

“I got your buttons” she will remind you as you are swatting her hands away.

This little button infatuation will repeat itself each time Kate comes into contact with a person she is comfortable enough with to attack the buttons on their shirt. If you find yourself worried about being attacked by the “Button Queen”, don’t wear a shirt that has buttons!

Consider yourself warned.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

jack’s spring music program

: ::05.06.14:: :7451-rJack is not comfortable being the center of attention. Nor is he a real big fan of singing in front of other people. So when it came time for the Spring Music Concert at school he was a tad bit out of his comfort zone! 
7472-rAndrew and Kate, two of Jack’s biggest fans, were on hand to encourage him. Jack is such a good big brother to his younger siblings.
7468-rHowever, as usual, it is rather difficult to get a decent photo of these monkeys…
7488-r Yep, still difficult!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

spring soccer.

: :: 05.04.14 :: :7397-rOnce the April showers finally went away, Andrew was able to play soccer. This made Andrew a very, very happy little boy. There are some activities he will complain about going to, soccer is not one of them.
7407-rIn case you can not tell by the look on his face, Andrew does not like to take his turn at sitting out on the sideline. Tough life lessons I tell you!
7408-r Andrew’s halftime entertainment was scoring goals on his brother and sister.
7432-r 7436-r Andrew is a determined little man. He enjoys being on the soccer field and works so hard at what he does.
Way to go Andrew!